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LGBTQ+ Stories from Nazi Germany

Preserving the stories of our queer ancestors is at the heart of our work at the Pink Triangle Legacies Project.  Our LGBTQ+ Stories from Nazi Germany initiative is a grassroots public history project that synthesizes reliable research from the world's leading scholars to present the true life stories of queer people who lived in Germany during Nazi rule. 

We tell these stories to honor the memory of queer people during one of history's darkest chapters. In telling these stories, we pay tribute to their lives and joy, acknowledge their fear and suffering, celebrate their resistance to fascism, and help ensure that their existence is no longer silenced or erased from the historical record. 

Each of the profiles below shares an individual's story in four ways: a digital essay with images and links, a shorter, downloadable handout, a YouTube video, and on our social media channels

This overview essay provides information to better understand the historical context in which the individuals below lived. Each of the profiles is written by a member of the Pink Triangle Legacies Project team and has been peer reviewed by experts for accuracy.

Would you like to contribute to the
LGBTQ+ Stories from Nazi Germany initiative? 

Pink Triangle Legacies Project interns and volunteers research, write, and produce these profile resource kits, thus honing their public history skills and making this history accessible to millions of people worldwide. Where applicaable, the Pink Triangle Legacies Project team will work with your school or institution to ensure that you get course or internship credit. 


Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.  

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