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Amilcar Ferrero


Born in 1993 in Haedo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Amilcar Ferrero (he/him) has been captivated by languages since childhood. After completing high school, he pursued English teacher training, becoming a teacher in 2015. His teaching journey spans various settings, including public and private schools, academies, and companies, working with diverse age groups. Beyond teaching, Amilcar has honed his skills as a translator, proficient in both English to Spanish and vice versa.  Alongside his linguistic expertise, Amilcar is a seasoned actor, having performed in various plays in both Spanish and English. His passion for language and performance converges in a dynamic blend of teaching and theatrical pursuits.

During his time working with the Pink Triangle Legacies Project, Amilcar ensure that these important histories are accessible to millions of people across the world by translating the ten original resource kits of the LGBTQ+ Stories from Nazi Germany initiative into Spanish. 

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