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YouTube Playlists

The Pink Triangle Legacies Project team has curated the following playlists of lectures by the world’s leading scholars as well as rare oral history testimonies. They are great resources for the classroom or for anyone interested in learning more about the history of queer Holocaust history.

All of the Pink Triangle Legacies Project's videos from our "LGBTQ+ Stories from Nazi Germany" initiative collected in one spot! 

A collection of videos by leading scholars on the experiences of trans and gender nonconforming people in Nazi Germany.

A collection of videos that provide information about queer people in Germany before the Nazis came to power.

A collection of videos on the fate of lesbians in Nazi Germany.

A collection of videos that provide an overview of the experiences of queer people in Nazi Germany. 

A collection of videos featuring leading scholars on gay men in Nazi Germany as well as oral histories with gay survivors.

If you would like to suggest additional YouTube videos to add to these lists, please email

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