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Become a PTL Project Advocate

Those who volunteer their time, expertise, and efforts to support us are recognized as PTL Project Advocates.  Where applicable, we'll work with your school or organization so you can get course credit. Read below for more information on available opportunities.


Pink Triangle Legacies Project Advocates can be anyone in the world who: 

  • is committed to preserving and sharing LGBTQ+ history 

  • can work and communicate proficiently in English 

  • has easy access to a university or public library for conducting the necessary research 

  • has equipment to record their videos, such as a laptop, smartphone, or camera 

  • has a Gmail account (all work will be conducted on Google Drive)

  • is at least 18 years of age


Pink Triangle Legacies Project Advocates volunteer their time on one of the following projects:


As the 2024 elections approach, we are looking for folks who can help keep our social media followers informed about key LGBTQ+ issues so they can make informed decisions at the ballot. 


Positions are open now and will run through early November 2024. The duration of your time as a Political Engagement Advocate will depend on your availability and can be as short or as long as your schedule allows. We will also work with you to agree on how much time you will work per week, but we anticipate that Political Engagement Advocates will dedicate approximately 1 hour per week (but no more than 3 hours per week). 


Tasks and responsibilities include: 

  • Researching key issues and ballot initiatives (at the state and federal levels) concerning the LGBTQ+ community in the United States in the lead up to the November 2024 elections

  • Summarizing these key issues and ballot initiatives in clear and concise prose to educate diverse audiences of social media users

  • Using our Canva Pro account, design informative and engaging social media posts to convey your findings and educate our followers 

  • Design social media posts that empower our followers with information to ensure they are registered to vote.



Advocates research, write, and produce one profile resource kit to be added to the PTL Project’s LGBTQ+ Stories from Nazi Germany initiative. These profile resource kits tell the true story of a queer or trans person who lived during the era of the Holocaust. To serve different learning styles, each profile resource kit includes the following, all of which are created by the Advocate: 

  • A digital essay of no more than 1,100 words;

  • A PDF handout of no more than 600 words;

  • A 5-7 minute YouTube video

  • 3 posts to be published on the PTL Project's social media channels

There is no timeline or deadline for Advocates to complete their profile resource kit. In the past, it has taken our team members 6 to 8 weeks to complete a profile resource kit when working on it part time (approximately 3 hours per week). 

We are seeking attention-oriented individuals to translate the transcripts of our  YouTube videos so that we can make our LGBTQ+ Stories from Nazi Germany initiative available in additional languages. There is no timeline or deadline for Advocates to complete their translations.  You will be provided with a Google Doc transcript of the video in English. Transcripts are approximately 850 - 1,000 words each.  Your translation will then be uploaded as subtitles in the YouTube video. 


We currently have ten videos available for translation (see the playlist here). These ten already have Spanish subtitles that we are uploading. We are seeking translations in any and all languages. Based on our website visitor analytic data, we especially welcome translations in the following languages: 

  • German

  • French

  • Italian


In order to make our online content as accessible as possible, we are looking for Advocates to produce audio versions of our essays. Advocates can pick or will be assigned an essay. They will record themselves reading the essays as an .mp4 file. 

We are searching for readers in the following languages: 

  • English

  • Spanish

What Advocates Receive

While we cannot currently offer financial compensation to PTL Project Advocates, we want to show our gratitude by providing Advocates with: 

  • A personalized, signed copy of Pink Triangle Legacies: Coming Out in the Shadow of the Holocaust

  • A profile on our PTL Project Team page 

  • Named credit on all of their work


Additionally, the PTL Project will work with your school or organization to help you receive credit for your work where applicable. It is the responsibility of the Advocate to find out what paperwork and documentation their school or organization needs. 

Interested? Let Us Know

If you would like to volunteer and become a PTL Project Advocate, please send an email to stating which project you're interested in contributing to. 

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