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Kerry Phipps

Advisor & Digital Strategist

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As an impassioned advocate for LGBTQ+ empowerment and the disruption of oppression through education, Kerry Phipps (she/her) stands as a committed educator. She aims to illuminate history's vital lessons, fostering empathy and critical thinking among learners. Hailing from Washington DC, Kerry is dedicated to honoring the legacies of those who suffered, striving for a society free from discrimination and inequality. Her ultimate goal is to inspire a more inclusive and just future by instilling a deeper understanding of the past.


Pulling from her education in Holocaust and Genocide Studies and her years of experience in technology and data analysis, Kerry has played a foundational role in the creation of the Pink Triangle Legacies Project. She has been an advisor on issues ranging from content review, branding, and strategic planning. She is responsible for the Project's SEO strategy for the website.  


Reflecting on the Project's work, Kerry states, "The Pink Triangle Legacies Project represents the profound intersection of remembrance, education, and activism for me. It embodies the resilience and strength of those who faced persecution during the darkest times of history. My motivation to be involved stems from a deep personal significance as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. As a teen, I yearned for connections to queer history, sparking my passion to ensure its availability for future generations.   This project embodies remembrance and activism, motivating me to honor the resilience of those persecuted and to dismantle ongoing systems of oppression."

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