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The Pink Triangle Legacies Project

  Queer History for Queer Liberation  

Our Mission

The Pink Triangle Legacies Project honors the memory of the Nazis’ queer victims and carries on their legacy by fighting homophobia and transphobia today through education, empowerment, and advocacy.

The Power
of a Symbol

The pink triangle badge was used to identify queer prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps. Queer activists in the 1970s transformed the symbol into a rallying cry for resistance, pride, and community.

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Our Work

We educate diverse audiences, foster ethical compassion, cultivate community, motivate people to act, and equip them to counter the threats against the queer community today. 


Get Involved

The Pink Triangle Legacies Projects offers internships, volunteer opportunities, and a range of digital community-building events


"I am extremely grateful that there are people like you who dedicate their time to retrieving our lost stories and fighting for our visibility."

Tine Desmecht, Author

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